Tuesday, April 12, 2011

shabby chic bedroom furniture

shabby chic bedroom furniture
1) Wicker Hotel Bedroom Furniture Set
2) table and chair, mirror
3) rattan or water hyacinth
shabby chic bedroom furniture

Size (cm)

1.8m bed

1.5m bed

coffee table


bed bench

1) Classical and Nouveau Designs
2) Vast variety to meet different market demands
3) Varied woven patterns for selection
4) Tropical and leisure in nature
5) More affordable compared to solid wooden or other furnitures
6) Easy for maintenance
Hanbang Quality & Techniques:
a) Kiln dried solid hardwood frame, anti-worm, with moisture controlled between 12%-15%.
b) Natural seagrass & rattan, carefully-selected & properly-treated, absolutely no recycled materials
c) Tight and strong woven technique by skilled workers
d) Well-treated endurable skeletons
e) Low carton, eco-friendly finishing
f) Strictly-inspected piece by piece before delivery
g) Smooth feel finishing, no pricky & properly cleaned before Packing
h) Carefully and sufficiently packed for shipment
Water Hyacinth and Rattan Furniture:
These collections are proved to be well-received over the world. The uniqueness and unparalleled beauty of each furniture draws attention from all angles. All of these products are completely handmade. This process ensures that what you buy is constructed without variation in quality and it also means that no two products are ever identical and light variations will occur. This leads to the unique nature of each and every product.
Product Care and Maintenance:
It is a natural product that requires particular attention when cleaning. For spills such as food and mud use a soft nylon brush to remove debris. Use a sponge or a wet cloth to dilute and remove the soiled area. Seagrass and rattan furniture won't easily stain and dries to its original color in hours. Be sure to leave the damp area exposed to the air, as dampness could lead to the formation of mold. Seagrass and rattan furniture is a natural product that requires a dry climate. It is suitable for use indoors or on a covered patio, but cannot be left outside with direct exposure to the elements such as rain, sleet or snow.
Woven Pattern:

FRB9032-36 Bedroom set
PEB9027-36 Bedroom set
SGB9032-36 bedroom set
SGB9035-36 Bedroom set
FRB401-16 Bedroom Set
SGT0614-94 Water Hyacinth Two-drawer Dresser on Sturdy Stands

SGT9033-26 Seagrass Two-drawer Table

FRD203-8 Flat Rattan Armchair

SGC9032-35 Water Hyacinth Bed Bench

SGC9035-35 chaise lounge
SGB608-25 Sea Grass Bed Stand with 2 Drawers

SGW401-33 4-door Wicker Wardrobe

SGW9031-36 2-door wardrobe

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